How To Choose The Best Flat Roof Skylight For Your Living Space

Given the numerous options of glazing products, it must be difficult to choose the right skylight for you. However, if you know about their type, style, and correct placement, you can overcome a lot of confusion. Before purchasing a glazing unit for your property, therefore, it’s essential to consider the purpose for which you want to install flat roof skylights.

There are two reasons why people make skylights a part of their home or office design. The first is its functionality and the second reason has to do with aesthetics. Talking about the functionality, glazing units act as a good carrier of sun rays into the interior of a building. This means you don’t have to shell out dollars on electricity bills and a lot of energy could be saved for the benefit of the environment.

Besides, you also get all the benefits of daylight right by sitting inside your bedroom and enjoying a cup of coffee with your favorite book. Since sunrays in controlled amount are good for a person’s health and wellbeing, adding skylights to your building’s design is a good choice.


As of the aesthetics, flat roof skylights have always been a beautiful design element for properties. They add flexibility to the architectural design. They give a large appearance to small rooms. The aesthetic appearance of a property increases with their use and that in turn, raises the value of the property.

Let’s see how to select the right glazing for your building.

The position of the skylight

The correct positioning of a glazing unit is a great deciding factor for allowing the optimum amount of light in your living space. Make sure you consider the roof structure, plumbing, and wiring in your building, in advance. If you’re installing skylights in your bedroom, it’s suggested to add some kind of dimming device or blind to control when and how much of the natural light should enter the room.

Skylight vs. Roof window

Skylights come in square, round, and rectangular shapes. A reflective light shaft is included to the ceiling and diffuser is used to close off. In this way, it allows natural light in the interior in an optimum amount. The terms skylights and flat roof rooflights are interchangeable.

A roof window, on the other hand, is usually attached with a timber or open plaster light shaft. It has a clearer than a skylight.

Shape and size

Your skylight’s shape must suit the theme of your home. Circular feature skylight is nice to highlight curved stairwells. It’s not possible to add glazing in the central position in all types of rooms. For tubular skylights, an “off centre” location is best.


There are two glazing types that flat roof skylights come in. The first is polycarbonate domes and the second is moulded acrylic. These two can also be in insulated glass, double glazed, single glazed, and low-e in which, a microscopic coating is applied on the inner surface to increase the skylight’s insulation feature and block infra-red heat. This is important that you choose an energy efficient unit for your home or office.