Welcome to Panoroof

All Panoroof skylights are triple glazed self cleaning as standard, our skylights are manufactured to our very own unique design, Its because of the simplicity of the design we are able to keep our prices competitive and our order to delivery times short We hold the largest range of off the shelf sizes available in the UK often with delivery in just 5 days. All Stock items are Triple glazed with self-cleaning glass as standard. Triple glazed units are manufactured using the latest silicon sealed technology.

Why choose A Panoroof Skylight

100% watertight:

Our unique design ensures the opening and the timber kerb are completely encapsulated by our stepped glass unit a glass is impermeable to water your roof covering will fail long before you are “Panoroof skylight”

Ease of installation:

Our easy fit kerb is an off the shelf rebated timber frame manufactured to support the skylight glazing, simply fix the easy fit kerb to your existing upstand, finish your roof covering and bond your skylight in using silicone. We supply a very easy to follow step by step installation guide, DIY installs are often carried out by our customers giving the same great results due to the simplicity.

Ease of handling onsite:

Glass is a fragile material Panoroof supply our skylight glazing in a sturdy timber crate keeping the product secure and away from risk of damaged during delivery and storage on site.

Advanced glazing technology:

Panoroof skylights are constructed using a Triple glazed toughened safety glass stepped unit incorporating self cleaning and solar control properties which reduces the solar heat gain and the glare from the direct sunlight keeping you cooler in the hot summer days, the Skylights solar control layer also blocks 82.4% of the harmful UV to help reduce bleaching of furniture. With the Low-E glass, argon gas and a warm-edgea spacer bar technology within the Skylights glazing this creates an amazing U-value as low as 1.0W/m2k for the ultimate in thermal insulation, so you can be sure our Skylights will keep the heat in during the cold winter time.

Triple Glazed Units:

Triple Glazed units provide a home that’s both warm and energy efficient, our triple glazed Skylights are the perfect choice. As well as keeping in warmth, they have the best acoustic performance and sound insulation properties. With triple glazing installed your home will be warmer, benefit from less noise and increased security. You could also enjoy cheaper heating bills.

To maximize the sun’s energy, Triple glazing features two panes of Low E glass and one pane of Low-Iron glass. The invisible metal coating on Low-E glass reflects heat back into your room, making it much warmer and cheaper to heat. That means with triple glazed skylights, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home by up to a third, compared with double glazed.

Triple glazing is ideal for north-facing windows or elevations where there is little benefit from natural sunlight,

As well as excellent heat retaining properties, the extra glass panel in our triple glazed windows also provide fantastic sound insulation so they’re ideal for homes where background noise is a problem.

Self Cleaning Glass:

The first stage of the cleaning process is “photocatalytic”. In this stage the coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt.

The second stage is “hydrophilic”. Here, instead of forming droplets, rainwater hits the glass and spreads evenly, running off in a “sheet” and taking the loosened dirt with it, also drying quickly without leaving streaks.

If the thought of spending endless hours cleaning puts you off installing skylights then self-cleaning glass is precisely what you need.

Argon gas Filled:

The space between the two panes of glass in double glazed windows can be filled simply with air, or a gas can be injected in to it. Air-filled windows are the cheaper option, and do provide a certain level of energy efficiency and noise reduction. But argon-filled double glazing is a better investment for long-term energy efficiency and performance.

Warm edge Spacer:

SWISSPACER is the UK and Ireland’s leading warm edge spacer bar. It’s tried and tested to give the best thermal performance and long-lasting results. SWISSPACER is ideal for double and triple glazing, significantly improving thermal insulation for the best energy ratings and lowest U-values.

Silicone Sealed Technology

Silicone Sealing is an alternate form for the Primary edge sealant used to hold the 3 panes of glass together encapsulating the Spacer Bar’s frame creating the Triple Glazed Unit.

This method is primarily used on Commercial applications where glass edge to glass edge systems are being used or where the sealed edge of the Triple glazed unit is open to direct sunlight. The Silicone Sealant offers a guarantee against the effect of UV radiation and ensures the warrantied life time of the Triple Glazed Unit.